A Day with the Daffodils

I find that there are magical moments in life where Mother Nature seems to capture my every sense. Moments when nothing else seems to satiate my appetite for comfort, calm and peace.

Taste, touch, smell and sound seem to melt together in a timeless, almost standstill dreamlike vision.

My sight seems to have the ability to meet my every need with effortless perfection. I find that when life gets to be too much and everyday troubles bubble up and over, a retreat to the cabin accompanied by a walk in the fresh air, can in an instant, calm…no matter what the season.

But there’s just something about Spring.

Fresh beginnings.

New life.


And the flowers. The delicate, intricate, unassuming flowers. Especially the early spring flowers who find themselves among the first to brave the unstable elements. The ones who have the quiet strength to weather the cold winds and last few spits of icy snow as they tenderly open themselves for all to admire.

Despite the unknown they hold their heads high and bloom for the promise of what’s to come.

Their beauty is nothing less than tiptoeing into a real life fairytale.

Their unassuming grace and quiet majesty have the abitliy to reach out wrap me in a quiet whisper.

My eyes are speechless.

My voice, blinded.

And my heart melted.


Into a puddle,

of quiet bliss.

My youngest daughter and I quietly pad through the early morning dew,

drawn to the tufts of glowing daffodils basking in the first gentle rays of the golden honey sun.

And without hesitation or even a conversation begin to gather a bashful, blooming, bundle of stems,

that will become a beautiful bouquet.

A gentle reminder to all,

of the quiet,




that lies within all of us.

Don’t be afraid to bloom.

No matter what the elements.

With love,




One Day…

One day.

One day I will have my house in perfect order.

One day my body will be what it was before children. And before my 40’s.

One day I won’t have to worry about my children. Their happiness. Who their friends are. Where they are. How they’ll handle situations. Who they’ll become. (HA.)

One day the grass will be freshly cut, all the laundry will be clean, folded and put away. The house will be sparkling clean, dinner ready, mundane tasks accomplished all at the same time.  

One day all of my work will be caught up.

One day I won’t worry about all of the things that I’m worrying about today.

One day.


Some days seem like a monumental struggle.

Some days seem to suck every ounce of my being.

Then I wake up and am blessed with a fresh start.

The beginning of a new day.

There are magnificent days.

Horrific days.

Memorable days.

Forgettable days.

Busy days.

Boring days.

Sunny days.

Blustery days.

Ho-hum days.


Inspire days.

Desire days.


How-in-the-world-am-I-going-to-get-through them days.

And then the other day something wonderful happened smack-dab in the middle of a not-so-fabulous day.

And my not-so-fabulous day turned into a truly-fantabulous day.

But today, I realized something…

that my “one day” is actually  “this day”.

Each one day, or some day, bad day or good day, eventually…


becomes the “one days” that make my life.

It always amazes me what a monumental difference a day can make and what a monumental difference you can make in one day.  

Embrace the day.