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Indoor S’Mores

Indoor s’mores are a fun and easy way to enjoy all of the delicious delights of an outdoor sweet treat right inside the comforts of your cozy home!

Indoor Smores

The days are finally growing longer and I know that Spring is bound to push its way up from underneath the frozen ground eventually. I find myself yearning this time of year for the good old outdoors. Making s’mores and most of all eatingĀ s’mores has to be one of my all time favorite summer indulgences. During these frigid snowy winter days I yearn for the warmer sun kissed days and all of the fun and food that comes with them. But then I realized that perhaps I could bring some of the outdoor fun, indoors!

Indoor Smores

And out of my desperate desire to feel the splendor of summertime, these indoor s’mores were born! They were just thing to cure my summertime yearning blues! I started with roasting large campfire size marshmallows. I happen to have a gas stove, so I grabbed a wooden skewer and roasted the marshmallows right over the flame. Obviously a fireplace would be an even better replacement to an outside campfire but I was short on time and the instant flame of my stove did the trick. I decided to use a pizzelle Italian cookie in place of the traditional graham cracker to add a unique touch. And a healthy slathering of a chocolate spread raised the whole chocolate experience to an entirely new level! The hot melty marshmallow married into the already smooth chocolate and made this indoor s’more perfection!

Indoor Smores

These s’mores work wonders as a cure for the winter blues but they also remedy any bad weather situation any time of the year!

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