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Peony Flower Bouquet

A Peony flower bouquet adds easy elegance and charm to any room in your home.

Peony flower bouquet

Peony season is sadly coming to an end but my love for this exquisite flower always lasts the whole year through! Perhaps you’re lucky enough to live where these glorious beauties are still producing, I’ve still got a few buds ready to burst into a perfect pink blossom. Oh how I wish my peony would bloom the whole summer through!

So although my timing for sharing the beautiful peony with you is a bit behind due to some blog issues, I felt that in this case, better late than never was the way to go!

Peony flower bouquet

The soft, elegant, ruffle-like petals perfumed with the sweetest scent of spring always make my heart sing! The peony is such a romantic flower. Did you know that it dates back thousands of years and is known as the flower of riches and honor? It is also known to represent good fortune and a happy marriage.

Peony flower bouquet

I certainly know that a bouquet of these lovelies keeps me happy! However there is one drawback when bringing these lush flowers into your home…the ants! They love the peonies as much as I do and they invade the petals as their soft and comfy refuge. And who could blame them? I would too if I could!

Peony flower bouquet

But there happens to be an easy (and humane) way to eradicate these pesky little friends before they make their way into your home. Simply soak the flowers in a container of water until the little fellows are forced to swim out of their petal abode. I usually do this outside so that I can scoop the ants out of the water and return them to the comforts of my backyard.

Peony flower bouquet


Peony flower bouquet

It’s so easy to put together a peony bouquet.

  • Soak the stems and blooms in a container of water to remove ants before taking the flowers inside.
  • Once the ants are gone, gently shake the blooms to release the extra water.
  • Snap┬áthe leaves off along the bottom of the stem so they don’t decay.
  • Cut the stem at an angle to give more surface area to drink in the water.
  • Place the peonies in a pretty vase.

Peony Flower Bouquet

A peony bouquet equals easy elegance that will bring a smile to your lips as well as your heart. And who knows? Maybe some prosperity too?


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Trash to Treasure


I love to go antiquing.

There is something so magical and medicinal about rising early with the sun, grabbing a cup of coffee and forging out in search of treasures just waiting patiently to be found.

It’s all about the hunt.

The anticipation…mixed with imagination that just sets my soul on fire.

I LOVE it.

I also love to piddle around in my flower beds. When I stumble upon a treasure that I can enjoy outside amongst my flowers beds I am filled with glee!

Last summer I found this chandelabra while antiquing and I shared how easy it is to make when talking about Dining Al Fresco in Style.

Today I’d like to share another cherished find.

A flower cart. A rusty…metal…flower cart.

But it’s not just any ordinary flower cart.

With a little imagination, a simple sanding,

and some spray primer and paint, you, my friends, can have this…

a darling, charming entertaining cart. It’s got wheels for easy transportation, two shelves to fill with all sorts of goodies and can be enjoyed for entertaining inside or out!

I even found that enamel bowl while out treasure hunting…

Oh and that sweet vintage glass holder too! I switch out the glasses to match whatever color palette I may be using!

Antiquing and treasure hunting has become a hobby of mine.

Go ahead…venture out with an open mind and a full imagination!

The possibilities are endless!

Happy Hunting!