The Last Supper (CSN Giveaway) **CLOSED**

I have a confession to make.

We have fallen into a terrible habit here at my house.

Now don’t judge me…this is difficult to share with all of you but <gulp> we enjoy most of our… o.k. almost ALL of our meals while sitting around our kitchen island rather than our kitchen table.

There I said it out loud.

Do you all sit at your kitchen tables like civilized families or do you crowd around your island like we do?

It’s really become quite ridiculous.

My husband and I sit sideways around the edges of the island while our daughters sit comfortably on their bar stools. I plan, shop for, and cook delish dishes but it feels like we don’t enjoy the fruits of my labor because we plow through meals. I try to think of charming and witty conversation to chit chat about while we enjoy supper around our…well…island. I have a perfect vision of what our evening suppers should be like. Ya know, like the Walton’s… all of us sitting down at our own special place to gather and feed our tummies as well as our souls.

Wouldn’t it just be easier to plop down at the kitchen table? It IS only but a few, mere steps away. I mean seriously folks.

Instead we squish haphazardly around the island, awkwardly contorted in the chairs that we’ve ironically pulled over from the kitchen table that sits, waiting. Waiting dutifully for someone to loving set each place setting on its’ spacious tabletop (rather than a catch-all for the piles of “to do” papers and my purse and car keys).

Well I’ve got breaking news…this will indeed be THE LAST SUPPER on the island at my house. The last supper to be eaten with one foot on the ground ready to vacate the premises at any given moment. The last supper spent uncomfortably crowded in a space that is meant for buffets and seasonal displays – not meals.

Therefore I give to you….

***********WE HAVE A WINNER!**********

A big thanks to all who participated in the fun!

The winner is….drum roll please………

Congratulations to Hillary who said, “What a great giveaway, I hope I win.”

Hillary I will be contacting you about your prize.

Now if that isn’t proof of the power of positive thinking, then I don’t know what is!

Have a great day all!



In celebration of our last supper, I am giving away a $40 gift certificate that the folks of CSN Stores contacted me about and have kindly supplied. CSN stores has over 200 different websites where you can find anything from kitchen tables to cookware! Christmas is around the corner you know! You could get a jump start or pamper yourself if you like! All you have to do is leave me a comment below!

And by the way, I’m curious…DO YOU indeed sit at your kitchen table? Please share, I’d love to know!

Giveaway starts today, Tuesday, September 28, 2010 and will end Friday, October 1, 2010 at midnight EST. I will announce the lucky winner sometime Saturday, October 2, 2010.

(I’d like to give A BIG THANKS to the nice folks of CSN Stores for sponsoring this giveaway!)

Good luck and may you enjoy all of your meals at the table!