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Pumpkin Ideas :: Glow In The Dark Pumpkins

Tis the season for fun and festive pumpkin ideas, fabulous costumes and evenings spent whispering ghost stories around a fire pit.

Pumpkin Ideas Glow In The Dark Pumpkins

Every October my mind begins to swirl with a plethora of festive pumpkin ideas. First of all I adore pumpkins and secondly , since I was a wee little nipper,  I have loved every single moment of the pumpkin carving experience. From sketching out ideas for just the right face, to reaching my hand into the cold stringy goo, to roasting the harvested seeds, I love the tradition of carving pumpkins.

Pumpkin Ideas Glow In The Dark Pumpkins

In fact, I still treasure the experience today with my girls even though their tiny chubby hands that I once held and helped navigate the slippery orange orbs have grown into long beautifully manicured ones that can carve and cutout the most amazing creations.

Pumpkin Ideas Glow In The Dark Pumpkins

The other night as we huddled around the newspaper filled island, brainstorming our pumpkin ideas, I was struck with a glowing idea!! What would happen if I used glow sticks inside the carved pumpkins instead of candles????

Magic would happen, that’s what.

Pumpkin Ideas Glow In The Dark Pumpkins

Red and yellow and green glowing marvelously magical pumpkins that won’t catch on fire or blowout (and can even become your very own night light in your bedroom if you wish).

Pumpkin Ideas Glow In The Dark Pumpkins

And that’s part of what makes Halloween so much fun if you ask me. The marvelous magic that falls over the land for an evening of pure imagination.

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Wishing you & yours a magical Halloween,


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Halloween Decorations :: Cameo Pumpkins

These cameo pumpkins are an easy and elegant way to decorate your home for Halloween. They take minutes to put together but will give your home a sophisticated spooky look that will last throughout the season.

Decorate your Halloween Pumpkins with Cameos


I have adored and collected cameo jewelry whilst antiquing for years now. I am so drawn to the creamy white silhouettes framed in smooth black backgrounds. Each cameo seems to have its very own story and I just can’t help myself when I come across one that speaks to me. My husband always smiles and laughs and asks me what I’ll do with yet another cameo and now I have an answer! I’ll make cameo pumpkins with them!

Halloween Decorations Cameo Pumpkins

I used white pumpkins so that the cameos would stand out but you easily paint orange pumpkins white.

Halloween Decorations Cameo Pumpkins

I hung my pendant cameos with a straight pin and the brooches and earrings just pushed right in on their own.

Halloween Decorations Cameo Pumpkins

If you don’t happen to have a cameo collection then you need to get started! Just kidding.

No, seriously, if you don’t have any cameos you can actually find some in craft stores that are inexpensive and easy to get! I actually found this one below at Hobby Lobby!

Halloween Decorations Cameo Pumpkins

Halloween Decorations Cameo Pumpkins

Cameo pumpkins will be my new easy and elegant decorating go to! I hope that they’ll be the same for you!

Halloween Decorations Cameo Pumpkins

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Happy decorating!




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A Grateful Garland

As Thanksgiving gracefully approaches I find myself settling into a quiet place. A peaceful place that always seems to surface this time of year. My little darlings have fallen into their stride with their new school year routines and I find myself falling into a rhythm as well. We gather inside more often as the days grow darker and a chill takes over the air. We share dinners around the table rather than dinner on-the-run and my soul just takes a sigh as I savor the moments that I have with my girls who are blossoming into lovely young ladies right before my eyes.

I find comfort and quiet in the chores that accompany the change of seasons as I put my flower beds to rest for the winter.

I get lost in raking the leaves and marvel in how my once full yard has become so tidy so quickly.

I’m fascinated by each leaf …

engulfed in their beauty and individual shapes.

My mind wanders to the pile of blessings I’ve collected in my life. Blessings that come in so many shapes and sizes and sometimes go unnoticed until I stop long enough…become quiet enough to really see the pile.

Only then can I take a running start and jump right in.

I stood quietly and thanked the good Lord above for my pile of blessings. I made a quiet vow to remember these blessings and continued with my work. Later that day as my mind continued to swirl, I was astounded by the many blessings in my life that  had gone unnoticed. It was then that I decided to make a “Grateful Garland” as a way to remind myself  and my family of all that we have to be grateful for.

I hung a rope on my fireplace mantel and washed and dried some leaves.

I got some wooden clothes pins,

and a gold marker.

I then began to write the things for which I’m grateful on each leaf…

then clipped them onto the rope.

It was a beautiful reminder of the many blessings in my life. Each leaf seemed to capture and somehow express the very essence of what I was writing on it. Whether it was small or large, perfectly shiny or dull and haggard around the edges…perfectly symmetrical or slightly imperfect in some way, each leaf gently reminded me of the many different blessings that come to us in so many different guises.

Sometimes it’s the tiniest of blessings that can bring about the most.

A Grateful Garland.

I think I’ll be making another one with my family this Thanksgiving.

Wishing you a pile of blessings big enough to take a running jump into.