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Easter Basket Place Settings

These darling Easter basket place settings made out of white chocolate dipped ice cream cones and filled with goodies will make your guests grin ear to ear!

Easter Basket Place Settings

Easter baskets make my heart jump for joy! I’ve always adored the idea of hunting a for a beautiful basket filled with sweet Spring treasures. Why not treat your guests as they sit at the table with their very own miniature edible Easter basket?

Easter Basket Place Settings

Mini ice cream cones dipped in white chocolate, filled with cotton candy (or jelly beans maybe?) and topped with mini pink eggs tucked into shredded coconut make a precious place setting indeed. The only non-edible item is the silk ribbon handle that’s affixed with a dab of the melted white chocolate.

Whose heart wouldn’t swoon over one of these demure sweet treats?

Easter Basket Place Settings

You can make these mini baskets in any color combination you desire. Coat them in a rainbow of different chocolate melts, fill them with your favorite sweet treats, and even color the shredded coconut for a unique twist. Stay tuned for my complete Easter table and centerpiece.

Wishing you an adorable Easter!


Here’s the how to ::

Easter Basket Place Settings
Author: Wendy Hondroulis | Wenderly
These darling Easter basket place settings made out of white chocolate dipped ice cream cones and filled with goodies will make your guests grin ear to ear!
  • Mini ice cream cones
  • Cotton candy
  • Shredded coconut
  • Mini chocolate eggs
  • White chocolate melts
  • Thin white ribbon
  1. Melt chocolate melts according to package directions.
  2. Carefully dip the cones down into the melted chocolate by holding 2 fingers inside the cone and turning until all sides are covered. Gently tap your hand that is holding the cone to shake off excess chocolate. Place cones standing up, on wax paper to dry.
  3. Once dry, melt more chocolate and dab on either (inside) side and press the ends of a piece of ribbon in the chocolate to make the handle.
  4. Fill with cotton candy or other sweet treats.
  5. Top with shredded coconut and nestle in some chocolate eggs or jelly beans.
You can make these baskets beforehand but take note after a few days the chocolate tends to crack on the outside of the ice cream cones. I happen to like the [i]antique [/i] look but you can choose to dip them again or just wait until the day before or morning of, to make the baskets.[br][br]Enjoy any color and candy combination! Let your creative juices flow!

Easter Eggs Covered In Sugar And Fondant

Dress up your Easter eggs this year with some sweet fondant shapes encrusted with sparkling sugar. They’re edible but almost to pretty to eat!


This year we decided to gussy up our Easter eggs. Add a little glitz and glam if you will. I mean why do cookies and cakes get to have all the fun?


Oh sure, we still went through the traditional steps of dying our boiled eggs with little tablets of dye dropped into vinegar and water.


It’s what we did with them after their colorful bath that made it so fun!


This year I wanted to do something a little different and I thought “why not use sweet confections to dress up our eggs”?!  I went to my local craft store and bought some white sanding sugar,


as well as some pre-made pastel colored fondant that I cut it into little Eastery shapes with teeny tiny cookie cutters.


I dyed the hard boiled eggs, let them dry, brushed them with egg whites (just to keep it all green and non-toxic) and then carefully rolled them in sugar.


I experimented with some already colored sanding sugar but I noticed the dye from the sugar started to melt onto the egg and it just looked messy to me. So I stuck to the pre-colored egg rolled in white sugar and got the effect that I was going for. I thought that the fondant shapes looked sweet dressed in sugar as well.


We used the egg whites for sugaring the fondant shapes as well as adhering them to the eggs. Just make sure that everything dries before moving on to the next step.



Let your imagination go! We even made a few polka dotted eggs. Don’t you just love polka dots!?


I used a straw to make the fondant circles.

Note: If by chance the fondant sticks inside the straw, don’t worry, just blow it out. My daughter relished in pointing that handy tip out to me when I became perplexed that my fondant circle stuck inside the straw. I shall never live that one down. 

Look how sweet the plain colored egg looks with just the sugared the fondant shape.


Isn’t that dear?

I’m planning to use these adorable eggs to decorate each place setting at the Easter table.


You could even use blown out eggs and save these little dearies to use again and again. As a matter of fact, these sweet little eggs remind me of my beloved sugar eggs that I used to relish in when I was a little girl. Do you remember those? The entire egg was made of hardened sugar, hollowed out and pipped with colorful icing. The end was open and inside sat a delightful surprise! Sweet little scenes of bunnies and spring flowers that were made of icing too! I used to gaze into those magical eggs for hours on end. Those precious memories guided me as I created these precious little dearies.


Simple, sweet, sugared eggs. How fun is that?

Wishing you an Easter that’s as sweet as can be!


Easter Eggs Covered In Sugar And Fondant
Recipe Type: Easter Eggs
Author: Wendy Hondroulis |Wenderly
Dress up your Easter eggs this year with some sweet fondant shapes encrusted with sparkling sugar. They’re edible but almost to pretty to eat!
  • hard boiled eggs
  • easter egg dye
  • pre-made colored fondant
  • sanding sugar
  • egg whites
  • tiny cookie cutters
  • straw to make polka dots
  1. Dye hard boiled eggs with easter egg dye. (I left a few plain white as well)
  2. Once eggs are completely dried, brush them with egg whites and roll in sanding sugar and let dry.
  3. Cut fondant into small spring shapes with tiny cookie cutters. I covered some of the small shaped with sugar and left others plain fondant.
  4. Brush the backs of fondant shapes and stick to eggs. Take care not to push to hard to crack egg or rub off sugar.
  5. Use the end of a straw to make make polka dots. Gently blow end of straw if the circles get stuck. Brush the polka dots and stick onto eggs.
Let your creativity run wild! You can hunt these gorgeous eggs, set them out for display, use them as table decorations or even to greet guests at each place setting.