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Chet’s Combination Sandwiches

Combination sandwiches and Christmas Eve go hand and hand at our house.

For as long as I can remember the savory smell of bacon and fried eggs wafting through the house was a sure sign that Christmas morning was almost here. Before church on Christmas Eve we all gather in the kitchen as a pot of tomato soup simmers happily on the stove to help my mom arrange the assembly line of goodies for the famous combination sandwiches…

Chet’s combination sandwiches.

Chet was my dad’s dad, “Papa” to my sister and me. He was a handsome, gentle man who was happiest when quietly tinkering away in the basement building some sort of model or working on a carpentry project. He may have even played around with his beloved Red Rider B-B gun down there a time or two as well.

But a cook he was not.

Interestingly enough, when my dad was just a wee little lad, he began making these delicious sandwiches before church on Christmas Eve. Nobody is quite sure just how or why he decided to tinker with food rather than a model airplane, but nevertheless, we sure are thankful that he did! These delicious little gems were a cherished tradition as I grew up and now my kids are savoring the sandwiches and the tradition as well!

They also make a perfect breakfast sandwich or a tasty lunchtime treat! You probably have all of these already hanging around in your fridge! These are the simple ingredients…

Bacon, mayo, sweet pickles, Swiss cheese, eggs and bread. Papa always used soft white bread and after some experimenting, we all agree that it tastes the best!

Now let’s get started!

First you’ll want to get the bacon…

and fry it up in a pan.

Baaaaaa naa naa naaaaaaa…

(please tell me you know that song?)

Then melt some butter…

and fry up an egg…

I like my eggs cooked through, but you do what you like best.

Next grab some sweet pickles,

and cut them lengthwise, the thinner the better.

You are now ready for the assembly line to begin! There is an order that we like to follow to ensure the most satisfaction in every bite!

First, spread some mayo on two pieces of bread,

grab a handful of sweet pickles and arrange them all over one of the mayo slathered slices…

then the hot egg right outta the skillet,

and THEN the Swiss cheese. This will allow the Swiss cheese to slightly melt and become one with the egg.

Um yum.

And then finally the bacon.

That you fried up in a pan…

Baaaaaa naa naa naaaaaaa…

(Sorry I just can’t help myself)

And there you have Chet’s combination sandwiches!

For me they are the perfect combination of a little nostalgia, many of my favorite ingredients and a the magic of Christmas Eve any time of year!

Hope that you enjoy them as well!