Prince Sweet Pea

I have a friend who’s expecting a little sweet pea, a sweet pea prince if you will, in less than a month.

Her name is Maria and she and her husband, Josh, have the most beautiful blog called Two Peas & Their Pod. They whip up the most fabulous food! I met Maria through twitter and had the pleasure of meeting her in real life last fall at Blogher Food. Let me tell you, she is the sweetest little sweet pea you’d ever want to know.

And so now she’s expecting…

a little sweet pea of her own.

What was once two…

now becomes three.

A group of bloggers have gotten together to celebrate Maria and her soon-to-come sweet pea with a virtual baby shower!


I knew right away that I wanted to design some baby cards for the special occasion. But not just any baby cards…sweet pea baby cards.

I had such fun coming up with all of the sweet pea designs.

Especially the baby sweet pea bib,

and tiny itty bitty sweet pea onesie.

Kinda makes me miss my little sweet peas that are now BIG sweet peas. *sniff*

All you need are some simple supplies. Some craft glue, sparkle glue, silky string, tiny little beads,

a hole punch, some letter punches,

and colored and patterned papers and linen fabric (no pictured).

Mix all those goodies together with some good old fashioned imagination

and you’ve got yourself a perfect little sweet pea card package that can be used as thank you notes by mama or put into a frame to decorate the nursery!

Can’t WAIT to meet your precious little sweet pea prince, Maria! I’ll be sending you your bundle of cards to enjoy just as soon as possible!