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Pumpkin Ideas :: Glow In The Dark Pumpkins

Tis the season for fun and festive pumpkin ideas, fabulous costumes and evenings spent whispering ghost stories around a fire pit.

Pumpkin Ideas Glow In The Dark Pumpkins

Every October my mind begins to swirl with a plethora of festive pumpkin ideas. First of all I adore pumpkins and secondly , since I was a wee little nipper,  I have loved every single moment of the pumpkin carving experience. From sketching out ideas for just the right face, to reaching my hand into the cold stringy goo, to roasting the harvested seeds, I love the tradition of carving pumpkins.

Pumpkin Ideas Glow In The Dark Pumpkins

In fact, I still treasure the experience today with my girls even though their tiny chubby hands that I once held and helped navigate the slippery orange orbs have grown into long beautifully manicured ones that can carve and cutout the most amazing creations.

Pumpkin Ideas Glow In The Dark Pumpkins

The other night as we huddled around the newspaper filled island, brainstorming our pumpkin ideas, I was struck with a glowing idea!! What would happen if I used glow sticks inside the carved pumpkins instead of candles????

Magic would happen, that’s what.

Pumpkin Ideas Glow In The Dark Pumpkins

Red and yellow and green glowing marvelously magical pumpkins that won’t catch on fire or blowout (and can even become your very own night light in your bedroom if you wish).

Pumpkin Ideas Glow In The Dark Pumpkins

And that’s part of what makes Halloween so much fun if you ask me. The marvelous magic that falls over the land for an evening of pure imagination.

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Wishing you & yours a magical Halloween,


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