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Parmesan and Oregano Popcorn Recipe

This simple popcorn recipe is healthy too! Tossed with freshly grated parmesan cheese, dried oregano, you’ll enjoy a pop of flavor in every bite!

Parmesan and Oregano Popcorn Recipe

Popcorn has always been a family favorite at my house! Freshly popped popcorn that’s been cooked on the stove, sprinkled with coarse salt and heaped into a gigantic stainless steel bowl has kicked off many a Friday night. Awwwwwwwww, diving into that salty crunch is heaven. Talk about simple pleasures.

Parmesan and Oregano Popcorn Recipe

But have you ever tried popcorn that has been tossed in a smattering of olive oil then sprinkled with freshly grated parmesan cheese, dried oregano and red pepper flakes? It’s like a party in your mouth. Savory, salty, spicy deliciousness that will satisfy any snack attack. If fact, this popcorn recipe will take snacking to a whole new level. And it’s healthy to boot!

This popcorn recipe is perfect for snacking but it also works as a quick and whimsical appetizer and it would be a perfect addition to any game day spread.

Parmesan and Oregano Popcorn Recipe

It’s even been known to double as supper or a quick breakfast at my house too.

You’d better believe that our weekend will begin with the sound of kernels popping against a glass lid, followed by that intoxicating smell of freshly popped popcorn. Hope yours does too.

Here’s the yummy recipe…


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