Meet Oakley Dokley

Meet Oakley.

Or Oakley Dokley as I like to call him.

Oakley is our beloved dog and considered a member of our family. We saved Oakley from the pound two days before Christmas two years ago. We had wanted a dog for some time but wanted to find the perfect fit for our family. After looking into different breeders, dog saving organizations, adopt-a-dog websites, and the Humane Society, My Yanni and I ended up going to the city dog pound on a cold gray December day. I was in no way prepared for what I saw that afternoon. As we walked through the dank cinder block rooms filled with wildly barking dogs in metal cages, I began to break down and cry. Blinded by tears and deafened by the desperate barking of the dogs, I became paralyzed and just stood there sobbing and staring. My Yanni took my hand and began to lead me out of the mayhem. There were so many rooms we got turned around and ended up walking into a smaller room of barking dogs by mistake. As we turned to leave we noticed one sweet little dog who was sitting quietly amidst the chaos and was staring deep into our eyes.

I just couldn’t leave the pound with this subdued sweet soul left in that cage. We found a volunteer to show us the dog. He walked us outside to a grassy area designated for visiting with the dogs. I took the leash to see what the dog they had named “Miller” would do. After milling around for a few minutes I stopped to ask a few questions. “Miller” instantly stopped walking, sat down on my foot and leaned into my legs. He was a *leaner-inner* as I like to call it. The kind gentleman who was helping us laughed and said, “I always say that they pick their owner.”

And that he did.

While signing the paperwork I noticed that “Miller” had been found on Oakley Avenue. In an instant we knew that Oakley would be the perfect name for our most perfect newfound friend.

Oakley has become such a treasured pet and special member of our family clan. I truly don’t know what we would do without him.

He is my daytime companion…

and litter box-cleaner-outer.

He is my gardening partner…

And hosta ponder-er.

He is my vegetable garden protector…

And stop-to-smell-the-flowers-and-herbs sniffer.

He can wear a leaf hanging from his chin with dignity.

and love his little stuffed animal “monkey-monk” like it was his very own.

Oakley is our daily reminder to take the time to appreciate the little things…

and give the underdog a chance to show you just how much a lost little leaner-inner can melt your heart into a puddle of mush in an instant.

We feel so very blessed that Oakley found us that day.

Go find yourself and lost little leaner-inner (littler box cleaner). You’ll be so glad you did.