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Lemon Snow Ice Cream

Lemon snow ice cream is a delicious and easy way to indulge in some wintertime fun. The bright lemon flavor adds a glorious zing to cold winter days.

Lemon Snow Ice Cream

Stepping onto a pure white, untouched, sparkling blanket of freshly fallen snow makes me feel like a kid again. All of my senses seem to come alive. My cheeks tingle as I inhale what seems to be the the freshest air I’ve ever smelled. Both eyes tear instantly, open wide, as they drink in the beautiful blinding white surrounding me. I trudge through the inches of fluffy whiteness, one boot at a time squeaking against the frozen crystals as I scoop up a handful of snow. Instantly I stick out my tongue and taste the sweet almost hot coldness as it melts in my mouth. This…. is what winter tastes like.

Doesn’t matter if I’m six years old or forty-six, snow just tastes like winter. But have you ever tasted snow ice cream? I can remember my mom mixing a big bowl of snow with some sugar, milk and vanilla, it was positively heavenly. The consistency and sweetness of the snow makes an ice cream like you’ve never tasted. It’s been years since I’ve made snow ice cream but this week with all of the snow days we’ve had I knew I needed to make some. I decided to experiment with a different snow ice cream flavor combination.

Lemon Snow Ice Cream

What I’m yearning for this time of year is a vibrant citrus that cuts through the cold and perks up my tastebuds. While the cold and snow is invigorating, my menu usually consists of warm savory dishes that stick to my ribs and then wrap me in post meal hibernation. What I’m yearning for is a fragrant burst of lemon zing that can take invigorating to an entirely new level. And this lemon snow ice cream can do exactly that.

Lemon Snow Ice Cream

Fresh. Sweet. Tantalizing.

Lemon Snow Ice Cream

It literally takes minutes to make with only four ingredients. Make the most of wintertime magic and treat your inner child (as well as your friends and family) to a big bowl of lemon snow ice cream today.

Wishing you a delicious snow day!


Here’s the recipe ::

Lemon Snow Ice Cream
Recipe Type: Ice Cream
Author: Wendy Hondroulis | Wenderly
Lemon snow ice cream is a delicious and easy way to indulge in some wintertime fun. The bright lemon flavor adds a glorious zing to cold winter days.
  • 12 cups of CLEAN new fallen snow (or shaved ice if you don’t have snow)
  • 1 can (14 oz) sweetened condensed milk
  • 2 teaspoons lemon extract
  • 2 pinches fleur de sol
  1. Mix the condensed milk, lemon extract and fleur de sol in a bowl and place in freezer to stay chilled.
  2. While the mixture is chilling, grab your coat and scamper outside to collect 12 cups of CLEAN snow in a big bowl
  3. Once back inside the comforts of your cozy home, pour the lemon mixture over the snow and mix with a spoon until it turns into ice cream
  4. Enjoy the snow ice cream right away because it will melt quickly
[i]*Always use fresh, clean snow when making snow ice cream[/i]


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