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Halloween Treats :: Candy Witch Fingers

Need a last minute Halloween treat idea? These green apple candy witch fingers are sure to intrigue any guest.

Halloween Treats Candy Witch Fingers

I’m a big fan of the green witch from The Wizard of Oz! When I think of Halloween my mind always goes to her fabulous green face and long boney fingers that seem to wrap endlessly around everything they touch. I had those fingers in mind when I dreamed up these green apple Jolly Rancher® Halloween treats!

The pucker of green apple paired with the glorious green make these the perfect Halloween treat! I just love how translucent they are, almost glowing, as they wait patiently on the plate.

Halloween Treats Candy Witch Fingers

They are so simple to make!! I used this Wilton Fingers Non-Stick Pan to make my witch fingers. Any local craft store should have some kind of finger shaped pan in the seasonal section if you don’t already have one. Just spray the pan with a non-stick spray, unwrap the candy, and place 3 candies in each finger (don’t overfill, they will bubble over).  Pop them in the oven for about 6-8 minutes and that’s it! I gave my witch fingers a candy melt manicure which was also super easy! Just melt some red (or any color you desire) candy melts and paint it on with a clean paint brush.

Halloween Treats Candy Witch Fingers

Serve some gorgeous green witch fingers this Halloween! You’re guests will love them!

Wishing you a sugary sweet Halloween!



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