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Halloween Decorations :: Cameo Pumpkins

These cameo pumpkins are an easy and elegant way to decorate your home for Halloween. They take minutes to put together but will give your home a sophisticated spooky look that will last throughout the season.

Decorate your Halloween Pumpkins with Cameos


I have adored and collected cameo jewelry whilst antiquing for years now. I am so drawn to the creamy white silhouettes framed in smooth black backgrounds. Each cameo seems to have its very own story and I just can’t help myself when I come across one that speaks to me. My husband always smiles and laughs and asks me what I’ll do with yet another cameo and now I have an answer! I’ll make cameo pumpkins with them!

Halloween Decorations Cameo Pumpkins

I used white pumpkins so that the cameos would stand out but you easily paint orange pumpkins white.

Halloween Decorations Cameo Pumpkins

I hung my pendant cameos with a straight pin and the brooches and earrings just pushed right in on their own.

Halloween Decorations Cameo Pumpkins

If you don’t happen to have a cameo collection then you need to get started! Just kidding.

No, seriously, if you don’t have any cameos you can actually find some in craft stores that are inexpensive and easy to get! I actually found this one below at Hobby Lobby!

Halloween Decorations Cameo Pumpkins

Halloween Decorations Cameo Pumpkins

Cameo pumpkins will be my new easy and elegant decorating go to! I hope that they’ll be the same for you!

Halloween Decorations Cameo Pumpkins

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Happy decorating!




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Hey Wendy, this is such a great idea! I feel like Halloween directions are all the same each year and this is a great, classy way to decorate and keep things interesting. Thanks for posting, it’s gotten me thinking about some out-of-the-box ways to decorate this year.

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