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Frosty February

The frosty days of February are coming to a close and as I gleefully bid adieu to the frigid cold and snow, I shall miss the splendor of her magical daybreaks and awe inspiring sunsets.

Frosty February

February and I have always had a tumultuous relationship. My sunshine craving soul seems to lose its lack of luster once the holidays are behind us and I have nothing but a stretch of 28 (or 29) bleak, dark and frosty days ahead of me in which to trudge myself through. The cold settles into my weary bones and I struggle to find happy pockets in which to settle my mind.

The days, although shorter, can seem never-ending. Frozen. Wrapped in a blanket of colorless silhouettes.

Frosty February

But this year my eyes began to see beauty in the stillness. They were able to look beyond the bleak and stare deep into the frozen splendor. What was once but a skeleton of the lush green foliage living and dancing in the warm breeze, became an enchanting landscape that was only sleeping beneath a heavy quilt of snow.

Frosty February

Magnificent against the bright blue skies as their backdrop, I could see that my beloved snow encrusted landscape was resting. Indulging in a well deserved, rejuvenating slumber, necessary for the magnificent transformation that only Spring is capable of.

I felt a tingle of guilt for momentarily abandoning my ability to see beauty in all things. I looked long and hard into my perceptions of February and I could see the parallels that nature and life share.

I saw my own reflections in the sunsets as they closed the stark days with all the color I searched for during daylight. My soul soaked in the splendor.

Frosty February

I became more aware of the stupendous sunrises that unfolded in front of me and carried me through the coldness as I traveled through the days.

Frosty February

Some mornings my heart felt as if it may burst while my tired eyes drank in the unimaginable color that only God’s hand can create.

Frosty February

And I realized in that moment, that February isn’t bleak and cold and dark.  It’s Spring and Summer tucked into the skies, waiting patiently. Peaking out through magical sunrises and sunsets, resting peacefully beneath sparkling blankets of snow met with bright blue backdrops, until it’s time to burst forth in all its glory. It’s not life and death, it’s life and rest or better yet, life and rebirth. And it just isn’t possible to have one without the other.

Thank you for the reminder February. I shall never look at you the same ever again.



By Wenderly

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