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Epsom Salt Bath

Slip into an epsom salt bath and enjoy all of the glorious medicinal benefits that magnesium sulfate has to offer.

Epsom Salt Bath

Taking a long luxurious bath has always been a favorite stress reliever of mine. I love the process of gathering up and lighting my favorite candles, selecting which of my beloved magazines to read and listening to the sound of the bathwater as it slowly fills the tub. With that first toe touch of almost-too-hot-water I quickly slip into full submersion, instantly surrounding my tried, heavy body into a beautiful buoyancy. There is just nothing like it in the world. Nothing.

Epsom Salt Bath

But did you know that by pouring two cups of epsom salt into your bath water, you could revitalize achy, sore muscles and help your body detox!

Epsom Salt Bath

These beautiful little magnesium sulfate crystals have healing properties for minor sprains and bruises too. However…I’ve got to say that I’m no doctor, make sure that you always go to the doctor when you’ve hurt yourself and then take a nice bath. I don’t want anyone overlooking a serious injury. With that said, my family and I have enjoyed the benefits of these wonderful epsom salt baths for years!

Epsom Salt Bath

On occasion I like to jazz my epsom salt bath up with a few drops of essential oils. Lavender oil is a favorite for relaxation.

Epsom Salt Bath

Here are a few tips to remember about your epsom salt bath ::

  • make sure that you use 2 cups of epsom salts
  • pour the epsom salts under the warm running water as it is filling the tub
  • make sure that the water is warm not cool. The warmer the better to dissolve the crystals and open your pores to absorb the magnesium sulfate
  • make sure that you soak for at least 20 minutes. You need 20 minutes for the benefits of the epsom salts
  • you can use leftover epsom salt bathwater to fertilize your houseplants and/or outside plants (and even shrubs or your yard!)
  • add a few drops of lavender oil to your bath for added soothing properties (or any other essential oil you like)
  • You can find epsom salts at your local grocery or drugstore usually in the first aid section

Go soak in an epsom salt bath and treat yourself to a glorious half an hour (or more) of uninterrupted relaxing bliss that will leave you feeling rejuvenated.

Now if you’ll excuse me. I’ve got to go draw a bath.

Wishing you a sublime soak!


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2 replies on “Epsom Salt Bath”

First of all….totally IMPRESSED that you worked out hard enough to have sore muscles!! Secondly, this will make such a difference!! Just make sure to stay put for at least 20 minutes to get full benefit!! Enjoy love!

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