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Easy Gingerbread House

This easy gingerbread house will inspire your children and your inner child, to relish in the magical moments of childhood without all the stress and mess.

Easy Gingerbread House

There’s no reason not to make an easy gingerbread house with your kids (or by yourself) this year! All you’ll need are a few simple items and a big dose of imagination!

Easy Gingerbread House

I’m so excited that my all white living room  has an adorable new addition this week! My fourteen year old daughter has been chomping at the bit to make a gingerbread house ever since Thanksgiving. This past weekend we bought some graham crackers, a container of white frosting, some shredded coconut and an assortment of all white candies and she went to town with her creativity. I am beyond smitten with the way her sweet angelic gingerbread house turned out!

Easy Gingerbread House

She glued the graham crackers together with my glue gun to create an instant structure to decorate. How’s that for an easy gingerbread house? No baking and cracking! (If you don’t have a glue gun, don’t worry! You could use a craft glue and then let it set for a few hours or overnight and then decorate once it’s dry.) After painting the gingerbread house with white icing she used the white candies to create patterns and decorations then used her offset spatula to put dollops of icing icicles all around the roofline. The trees were made with some ice cream cones that she covered in icing and then sprinkled with sugar for a sparkly shimmer. The ground is covered in a shredded coconut snow. Now how easy was that?

Easy Gingerbread House

And it just couldn’t be any cuter in my opinion! It’s the perfect way to spend some time as a family and tap into that imagination & creativity without all the stress and mess, not to mention have a beautiful centerpiece to showcase in you home!

If you want to make your own easy gingerbread house, here are the items you’ll need :

  • graham crackers
  • glue gun (or a craft glue)
  • ice cream cones
  • white icing
  • sugar (for a frosty shimmer)
  • shredded coconut
  • a plate (to create your gingerbread house on)
  • an assortment of candies (we used all white but you can use any color combo you like!)
  • an offset spatula (or any kind of knife that will easily spread the icing)

Wishing you a Christmas full of creativity!


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