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DIY Wine Glass Charms

These easy DIY wine glass charms will add a personalized touch to your party that your guests will admire and appreciate.

DIY Wine Glass Charms

I can’t count how many times I’ve been hosting or attending a party or casual gathering, that somebody didn’t say, “Is this my glass?” It just seems to come with the territory. So when I entertain, I like to embellish my glasses with some sort of charm or clever tag. As of late I’ve been celebrating winter and all of its old school charm with all sorts of ideas and projects for a winter themed dinner party. I made yarn pom poms into a darling garland for my fireplace and I decided that these sweet little snowball-like pom poms would be just precious tied onto my wine glasses.

DIY Wine Glass Charms

I knew that I wanted to keep the pom poms off-white so to distinguish each glass, I tied on an assortment of tiny silver charms (from Jo Ann Fabrics). I selected charms that had something to do with winter and/or my tablescape, like snowflakes, pinecones and ice skates, to keep my theme consistent.

DIY Wine Glass Charms

They were a cinch to put together. I just thread the yarn of the pom pom through the ring of the charm and tied them onto the stems of the glasses.

DIY Wine Glass Charms

No more “Is this my glass?” Not to mention they’re stinkin’ cute, aren’t they?

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Happy Hostessing!


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