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Christmas Tree Traditions :: Tree Present

Decorating our Christmas tree is a treasured family tradition. We cherish rediscovering collected ornaments that make a simple tree transform into something magical.

Christmas Tree Traditions Tree Present

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved the Christmas tree trimming tradition. Growing up I always thought that I had the most beautiful tree in the land. We all think that don’t we? We had a very traditional tree that was adorned with sugar cookies dressed in icing , popcorn and cranberries strung on some string, cheerful bows and candy canes tied and tucked into the branches. It smelled like heaven and looked to me like an enchanted fairyland. I’ve slowly changed the way I decorate my tree over the years but I’ve held on to the beloved Christmas tree present tradition from my youth.

Christmas Tree Traditions Tree Present

Sometime after the tree had been decorated, my parents would nestle a present for each family member into the branches of the tree that was to remain unopened until the tree was taken down. It gave all of us something to look forward to after the excitement of Christmas day had passed. Sometimes the gifts were simple perfumes and colognes and other times the very last gift to be given held a jeweled treasure that would bring tears to my mom’s eyes.

Christmas Tree Traditions Tree Present

Christmas Tree Traditions Tree Present

Christmas Tree Traditions Tree Present

We now carry on the Christmas tree present tradition with our girls. For me, what makes the holidays so special is passing down family traditions and making memories with those I love that will last a lifetime.

Christmas Tree Traditions Tree Present

What special family traditions do you have at your house? Please share!

Wishing you a magical holiday season!


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We watch Christmas Vacation, open one gift on Christmas Eve, read Twas the Night Before Christmas…. And the manger story, and put glitter on the front grass to attract the caribou to the oats we leave there for them too! Cookies are left for Santa as well.

Beautiful traditions Heather! We still read Twas the Night Before Christmas as a family (my girls are teenagers) on Christmas Eve too! It’s just a magical way to close the day isn’t it? Happy Holidays!

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