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Laundry Tip :: No Iron Spray

This no iron spray will change the way you think about laundry! Instead of ironing, spray your wrinkled garment, smooth it with your hands and you’ll be wrinkle free!

Laundry Tip No Iron Spray

I don’t know where this product has been all my life but now that I’ve found it, I’m never going back! Ironing has never been something I’ve enjoyed and a huge wrinkled tablecloth can stop one of my creative episodes in its tracks. There is nothing more maddening

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Frosty February

The frosty days of February are coming to a close and as I gleefully bid adieu to the frigid cold and snow, I shall miss the splendor of her magical daybreaks and awe inspiring sunsets.

Frosty February

February and I have always had a tumultuous relationship. My sunshine craving soul seems to lose its lack of luster once the holidays are 

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Fetching Finds :: Bar Keepers Friend

Bar Keepers Friend is a constant companion of mine. It will clean and polish your ceramic or stainless steel pots and pans and make your porcelain sink sparkle.

Fetching Finds Bar Keepers Friend

Have you ever tried Bar Keepers Friend? Well if you haven’t, let me introduce you. This fetching find was discovered years ago from a dear friend who happened to be working in a William Sonoma store at the time. We were chit chatting in my kitchen, and she noticed that my sink had stainless steel streaks in it. You know, the kind that come from scrubbing a sticky stubborn pan and it scoots about in the sink leaving silver trails everywhere. She kindly suggested I try Bar Keepers Friend, a product she used at work, to remedy both problems, the sticky pans and the streaks (without scratching!) I ran out and bought some the very next day and it’s been a staple cleaning product in my house ever since!

Fetching Finds Bar Keepers Friend

Some of you may know that I am an avid antiquer. (Is that a word?) I pick up sweet little enamel pots and pans and plates and bowls any chance I get. But the old ones usually have stains and discoloration from years of love and use. I had accepted that it was all just part of the charm. Until recently. I put a sprinkle of this stuff on and it scrubbed it right off. 

Fetching Finds Bar Keepers Friend

I was astonished! Why hadn’t I thought of that earlier!? So I decided that I just had to share my discovery with all of you!

Fetching Finds Bar Keepers Friend

Would you just look at that sweet antique enamel double boiler. Good as new. But it’s not. Which is even better in my book. Old and charming with a cleaned up look. Perfect.

Some tips about Bar Keepers Friend ::

  • use it to clean porcelain and stainless steel sinks
  • for tough sticky stains in pot and pans, sprinkle some in with a tiny mist of water, let sit a few minutes, then rub clean with a sponge
  • works beautifully on discolored enamelware items
  • it has no smell at all which is a total plus if you ask me!!

Disclamer : This is not a paid post. I just simply love this product and wanted to share it with you!

May your sinks and pans be shiny and bright!




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Apple Orchard Adventure and Other Things

Apple orchard


Times are a changing around here. My girls are growing like beautiful flowers that are blooming into the most delightful young ladies despite all my worry, constant conversations and continuous praying.

Apple orchard

The days seem to slip away in a millisecond as the seasons melt into one another and I find myself trying to memorize yet another year to write on my checks.

Apple orchard

But this past year in particular has been especially blur-like. My eldest learned to drive, my youngest became a teenager, and my life perspective began to dramatically change. The little take for granted’s  became monumental. My faith grew like it hasn’t in years and my constant enamor with social media and online life dissolved into disenchantment. I didn’t really know who I was for awhile. Has that ever happened to you? My senses were overstimulated as I tried to balance my life on what seemed to be a very tiny beam. My focus that was usually multifaceted, narrowed into an ability to focus on only one task.

Apple orchard

I craved simplicity, stability, structure.

And my family.


Apple orchard

I almost considered taking my blog down even though my mind kept a silent tally of ideas and notes as I went through my days.

I prayed for answers and waited.

And then I’d pray again.

Slowly I started to hear God’s whispers.

Family was first.

Apple orchard

Apple orchard

So I continued to pray and be a mom and a daughter and a sister and a wife and a child of God. By spring I started feeling the familiar little flutters of butterfly wings in my stomach that let me know when something is a changing. I went on a weekend getaway with some dear friends. Conversations unfolded and God started speaking to me rather than whispering.

I started getting answers to prayers.

I was in awe. Why do I always respond with surprise when answered prayers come? 

Blessings can come in such beautiful packages.

Apple orchard

And unusually surprising ways.

I knew that I had to keep going. My passion for inspiring people was planted in me before I was born. Nothing makes my soul smile like making people feel something stir inside. Whether it comes from sharing a delicious recipe that we’ve enjoyed or a table I’ve set to decorating my foyer or fireplace mantel and everything in between, I love to inspire you. And I believe that is what God has called me to do.

Apple orchard

So for the past few months my husband, My Yanni, and I have been working on a new blog as I’ve been trying to keep up with the constant flow of creative ideas, recipes, decorating suggestions, and DIY projects as we decide on fonts and layouts and widgets and designs. We’re working on the last little details and kinks and hope that the new Wenderly will be up in a few weeks.

Apple orchard

*photos credits for this pic go to my eldest daughter*

I hope that you’ll join me for all the new inspiration that I would love to share with you.

Apple orchard

First on the list are homemade carmel apple hand pies made with the apples we picked from our magical family trip to the apple orchard.

With love and anticipation!


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Winter Scenes, Winter Thoughts
















As of late, I have found myself deeply moved throughout the day by snippets of winter scenes that unfold in front of me. My iphone has become one with my hand as I have felt compelled to capture the beauty before me and tuck it away for future enjoyment.

This is a strange and foreign behavior for me because winter is usually a season that I find myself head down, eyebrows furrowed, energy focused on doing everything possible to get through the dreary months lickity split.

But as I  laid my sleepy eyes upon this glorious sunrise, my soul was stirred.


This quiet snowfall that caused a hush to fall over the land as it wrapped itself around every nook and cranny left me silent and peaceful.


This magnificent sunset stopped me dead in my tracks with shivers running up and down my spine whilst bustling through a frozen parking lot. 


And this morning as I was frantically dashing through the snow, this capture made me realize that it’s time for me to slow down and savor every moment.

For I don’t know for certain how many I’ve got left.


It’s almost as if God has set a gentle hand upon my shoulder and whispered silently into my being…

Savor today. Every. single. moment.

I hope that you will too.



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Oh, For the Love of Autumn


Autumn. Just whispering the word makes a warm smile spread across my lips.




I love everything about the season.

Bushels of plump, perfect pumpkins.


Magnificent, brightly colored mums adorning the storefronts begging for a spot on your front stoop.


Candy apple red shoes shining brightly out from beneath a dark, comfy pair of  jeans.


Glorious sunrises that seem to warm even the crispest of frosty mornings.


Accompanied by fragrant pumpkin pancakes that warm your heart and soul.


Golden trees that stand tall and proud as they show off their Autumn foliage.


While a rainbow of leaves gather on the ground amongst the still green grass.


Radiant red leaves of a Japanese Maple borrow the brilliant blue skies to be their temporary backdrop.


And as suppertime rolls around, the sun on its new schedule, gently slips away through the trees.


While pipping hot brown sugar and cinnamon baked apples are pulled out of the oven and wait patiently,


to end the delicious Autumn day on the sweetest of notes.

Oh, for the love of Autumn!



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**CLOSED**Guest Post from Girl Hunter aka Georgia Pellegrini (plus a Giveaway)

Have you ever met my sweet and talented friend Georgia Pellegrini otherwise known as Girl Hunter?

Well she’s fabulous in so. many. ways. Beautiful, sweet, kind, witty, not to mention a brilliant huntress and cook. She’s taking outdoor adventure to a whole new level!! 

(Make sure you enter the beautiful giveaway at the end!)

Take it away Georgia!!!


Recently I have been thinking a lot about my close girlfriends and how important those relationships are to me. When I look back over the years I realize I met so many of them during those unforgettable bonding experiences that life brings your way. There is a lot that I love about the Adventure Getaways that I’ve been doing over the last two years, but my hands down favorite thing is watching women come together from across the country, meet each other for the first time on Friday afternoon, and leave on Sunday as lifelong friends.

Since I hosted my first Adventure Getaway a year and half ago, (where Wendy was a guest!), I have been amazed to see how many different types of women have had a desire to come on these adventure trips with me and challenge themselves to experience new things.

There is something about these Getaways, every single time I say to myself, “wow, I couldn’t have hand picked a better group of women to come together as total strangers and bond as if they had known each other for years.” I feel very lucky to witness and take part in this sort of togetherness and am grateful to have met so many wonderful people along the way and to share all kinds of adventures, laughter, and good food with them. I’ve made friends for life.
Girl in the Hay Trailer by Bakerella
Wendy joined me on the inaugural event along with some of my favorite food bloggers on the planet.
Since those first successful trips, I have expanded the adventures in weird and wonderful ways, and these are some of the highlights I thought I’d share.
2013-08-07_0007 One of my favorite parts of the weekend is the girl bonding by the fire pit. There are lots and lots of s’mores. Some women even bring their own retractable s’mores sticks, they mean business. 2013-08-07_0010

There are really cozy accommodations, sometimes we even each have our own little house with a wood burning fireplace. Other times, it is a log cabin with mountain views. 2013-08-07_0012 And my personal favorite are the many types of bubble baths. A woman needs that after a long day of adventure. 2013-08-07_0008 I also love the food we have had on our menus, from elk, to venison, to frogs legs, oh my! Plus the delicious berry mousses and beignets smothered in ice cream. Sometimes we even have special Bourbon Dinners with live entertainment. 2013-08-07_0009 Since I am a chef by trade, I’m all about the learning. We have cooking classes galore. Ever wanted to know how to clean and butcher a bird properly? No problem. How about some amazing Texas shaped cookies? We’ve got you covered.Girl Hunter Baking by TidyMom On special occasions, we even have guest teachers who teach us to make amazing cookies and cake pops. 2013-08-07_0011 Then there is the adventure. We ladies get together on ATVs and drive 10,000 feet into the Montana mountains. 2013-08-07_0006 Or walk in the snowy hills and hunt wild birds, wild hogs, deer and the likes, many of the ladies do this for the very first time with professional guides and beautiful bird dogs along with them. Sometimes you’ll even find yourself hunting with men in kilts (see above, yikes!). Fly fishing...

We fly fish and listen to the meditative sounds of the rivers rushing around our ankles while we wear our waterproof waders. 2013-08-07_0005 There are plenty of ranger rides…  




Wendy and Georgia by Lori 

…and clay shooting too, another first for many people. Look at Wendy go!


And of course there are presents, because what’s a party without them?!


Once a year, I host one co-ed couples event. As I like to say: The couple that prays and makes venison sausage together, stays together. And the best part of all…


…is all of that girl bonding that happens. We all make friends forever, support each other to roll up our sleeves and step outside our comfort zones… we all have a desire to experience life more viscerally. 2013-08-07_0004 To surprise ourselves! And give each other hugs.

IMG_1283 Sometimes, we even dance the night away.


And now if that weren’t plenty, this summer, by popular demand, I began hosting private customized Adventure Getaways, my favorite of which is for bachelorette groups! I’ve become familiar enough with the amazing venues around the country, that I can customize experiences each with their own unique attributes so that no one trip is ever the same. Here is my full Adventure Getaways Calendar to date. We have some exciting media joining us in Montana in late September and can’t wait to meet the great ladies that attend. (there are a few spots left!) As a special something for Wendy’s readers, we’re offering a 3rd night stay free for those who sign up with a friend for Montana. And of course, if you want to drop someone a hint for a future date, there are gift certificates too. 2013-08-07_0002 And as an extra treat today I’m giving away a piece of my favorite upcycled jewelry from one of the Adventure Getaway sponsors “Sure Shot,” who fills our gift bags with the most beautiful jewelry made from upcycled shotgun shells. 2013-08-09_0001 To enter to win my favorite necklace…


Congratulations to #6 Cindy!!! I will we emailing you about the prize details! Thanks so much for joining in the fun!

Sure Shot Giveaway!

Just leave a comment below telling me about your favorite outdoor adventure! (Or just say hello!)

Additional entries :::

*Tweet about giveaway and come back to tell me that you did so in the comments.

*Post the giveaway on facebook, and come back to tell me that you did so in the comments.

You get a total of 3 chances to win! 

Giveaway starts today, Wednesday, August 14, 2013 and will end at midnight EST on Saturday, August 31, 2013. One person will be randomly chosen to receive the above Sure Shot necklace and will be emailed about the details! Giveaway is for U.S. residents only.

Good luck!

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Fabulous Find Friday ::: Antique Enamel Bowl


Have you ever fallen in love (whilst antiquing) with something that you don’t necessarily need but just HAVE to have? 

It’s the story of my life. 

But most of the time that something that I don’t necessarily need quickly becomes something that I can’t live without once I get home. 

This antique enamel bowl is one of those things…


When I first laid my eyes upon that smooth, perfectly white, flawless surface I just knew that I HAD to have it. 


But once I ran my finger along the perfectly painted forest green edge, well then, I knew that there was no turning back. 

And guess what? 

I’m so very delighted that I acted on my impulse! This dear antique enamel white bowl has served me well.

It makes a positively precious container for all of my herbs that I keep beside my kitchen window. 


When entertaining, it makes the most delightful (leak free) beverage tub.


After a long day of antiquing, it makes the perfect foot bath in switch to soak my aching feet.

*Not pictured*

And then when I may or may not purchase a plethora of pretty flowers?


It adoringly displays those as well.  

If you don’t already own an antique white enamel bowl, (or twelve) *ahem* well then, I strongly suggest that you do. 

You won’t be sorry.

Happy Friday All!




Decorate Home Accents Sponsored Post

MacKenzie-Childs {$500 Giveaway}


 MacKenzie-Childs is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year and I am so excited to be hosting a giveaway from them today! One lucky winner will receive a $500 gift card from MacKenzie-Childs!!

They have so many swoon-worthy items to pick from! Everything from exquisite kitchen accessories to fun and whimsical garden items! 


I happened to fall head-over-heels in love with their black and white courtly check enamelware,


as well as all of the lovely Laguiole flatware and servingware! 

Aren’t those spreaders beyond gorgeous and elegant?! 


Just look at those sweet little bees on each and every knife. Such attention to detail. 

Wait until you see the Flower Market enamelware pitcher. 


I can’t take my hands off of it! (I’m not kidding) It has the most beautiful shape and smooth surface. And with outdoor entertaining season upon us I am just tickled to have all of this enchanting enamelware to use.

Of course it isn’t only for outside entertaining! It adorns any table with a stunning statement.


 I love to mix the check print with the floral print. So charming with a casual elegance don’t you think?

 And the serving platters are fabulous! While the round serving platter makes a perfect cheese plate, I like to use the oval one to serve the main course as it comes hot off the grill or sometimes I even use it to serve the drinks! 


MacKenzie-Childs makes entertaining a breeze! 


***We have a WINNER!!!!!***

Thanks to everyone who joined in on all the fun for this fantastic giveaway from MacKenzie-Childs!! There has been one randomly selected winner!!

*Drum roll please*

CONGRATULATIONS to Sue who said…

Love Love Love McKenzie Childs! Hello To Summer!” 

Sue, I will be contacting you via email to give you all of the MacKenzie-Childs $500 gift card  giveaway information! 


***Giveaway is now CLOSED*** 

How to Enter the $500 MacKenzie-Childs Giveaway: 

*Just leave me a comment below about your favorite summer entertaining tip or just say *hello*.

*The giveaway starts today, Monday April 29, 2013 and ends Wednesday May 1, 2013 at midnight EST

*One winner will be randomly chosen and notified via email sometime Thursday.

Good Luck!


Disclaimer:: (I would like to thank the kind folks at MacKenzie-Childs for providing me with a gift card to buy their product and for sponsoring the $500 giveaway! As always all photos, thoughts and opinions are my very own.)

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Fabulous Find Friday ::: Grape Hyacinths


Springtime is bursting into all of her glory in my neck of the woods. The grass is a lush, velvety carpet that seems to be the most brilliant green that I have ever seen. The gray trees are bursting at the tips, transforming from a dull stick-like figure into a flower-filled spectacle that dances in the sunlight. Birds are chirping, chattering and singing in what seems like a symphony of sound to my ears. And the magnolias…the magnificent magnolias are as spectacular as I can ever remember.

As I hurriedly jumped into the car the other morning to drive my daughter to school, my heart was heavy with grief and my mind felt numb. Trying to digest the news and all of the horrific things that happen in the world these days can be overwhelming. I rolled down the windows as I drove and soon realized that all of the loud thoughts swirling in my mind had been silenced by the sound of birds singing. As I turned back into my driveway I happened to glance at my side yard and noticed that overnight, my lush green grass, had turned into a sea of purple.


Hundreds of tiny, purple Grape Hyacinths had popped up out of the ground transforming my yard into what looked like an enchanted forest of flowers fit for fairies. An enormous wash of emotion swept over me and I felt like a little girl again. I was suddenly filled with wonder and excitement, wrapped in anticipation of this new glorious day.

Do you remember that feeling?


I soon found myself on my hands and knees, in my pajamas, carefully picking handfuls of the smooth, cold stemmed Grape Hyacinths still wet with dew. I had always adored these tiny little spring flowers as a girl and remembered filling the small paper Dixie cups with them for my mom to display on the windowsill in the kitchen. My two little girls had done the very same thing for me but it’s been years since they’ve relished in such things. Once my hands where full of flowers I galloped inside with my treasures.

I clamored through my kitchen cabinets and found these sweet vintage creamers that I had gathered while antiquing.


They where a perfect fit (almost as good as the Dixie cups) and I happily filled them as my heart simultaneously filled with joy.


My kitchen transformed into a safe haven of delicious memories and my mind felt at ease.





This week I found Spring and all the hope she holds.

Spring always seems to make my heart burst into joy but this year it just seems different, more vivid and vibrant, and I’m not sure why. It’s almost as if God knows that we all need to be reminded of hope and joy and innocence in the midst of all the ugly in the world.

Beautiful, joyful, hope that can turn any dull, seemingly dead earth into a brilliant, bountiful, flower-filled spectacle of color and life.

And that’s exactly what I found. I hope that you can too.