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P B & J Snowman Sandwiches

I look out the window at the moment and all I see is snow, snow, snow. Beautiful, quiet, white snow stretched out over the grass like one big blanket. When my girls were younger *sniff* and would get all bundled up in their darling snow gear, eyes glistening while anxiously dancing around until they could [...]
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Chocolate Dunked Sweet & Salty Apples

I’ve never really been one to do anything by the book. I kinda march along through life to the beat of my very own drummer and that suits me just fine. Makes life more interesting ya know? I wear my watch on my right wrist and I’m right handed. I (kinda) type with my left [...]
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Brown Sugar & Cinnamon Baked Apples

We have a joke in our family about apples. Ever since I can remember and especially after school while my sister and I were ravenous and scavenging for something starchy and satisfying, my mom’s standard response to “what can we have to eat?” was “have an apple.” What? Seriously? An apple? Ummmm, I was thinking [...]
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