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Thanksgiving Table Ideas :: Gold Leaf Place Cards

Thanksgiving is two weeks away and I’ve got some fun table ideas for you! Greet each special guest as they gather around your table with a personalized gold leaf place card.

Thanksgiving Table Ideas Gold Leaf Place Cards

I’m a fan place cards. It’s a subtle detail that makes a table feel finished and your guests feel welcome. I love to come up with original ideas that dovetail into the overall decorations of my table. This year I decided to bring nature indoors and glam it up with my glitter gourds and gold leaf place cards.

Thanksgiving Table Ideas Gold Leaf Place Cards

They’re so elegant and simple, I just adore them! And you’ll just love how easy they are to make. Collect an assortment of leaves wash and dry them and find a well ventilated area (or outside) to spray paint them.

Thanksgiving Table Ideas Gold Leaf Place Cards

I experimented with a few different craft paints but they took forever to dry and the leaves ended up curled because of it. After some investigation I found the PERFECT spray paint at Michaels. It dries in minutes, gives a nice thick coat and had the exact gold finish that I was looking for. I wanted the look of gilded without the expense.

Thanksgiving Table Ideas Gold Leaf Place Cards

I sprayed both sides of the leaves and stems to give an all over finished look, it also helped to seal and preserve the leaves. Aren’t they lovely?

So simple, stylish and sophisticated.

Thanksgiving Table Ideas Gold Leaf Place Cards

Thanksgiving Table Ideas Gold Leaf Place Cards

After they dried I tied some sweet little ribbon on the stems and wrote my guests names on each leaf with a black felt tip pen. You could always write a simple initial if you wish. I liked the way the names looked.  I made sure to make a couple extra leaves to tuck around my centerpiece for an added touch.

Thanksgiving Table Ideas Gold Leaf Place Cards

Try adorning your Thanksgiving table with gold leaf place cards this year!

Supplies you’ll need for gold leaf place cards ::

  • Leaves (that have been washed and well dried)
  • Design Master gold spray paint (I used #731)
  • Ribbon (preferably that matches your table color scheme)
  • Felt tip pen (for writing names on the leaves)

In case you missed it, I made glitter gourds for my Thanksgiving centerpiece, hop on over to check it out.

Happy decorating!



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Thanksgiving Decorations :: Glitter Gourds

Need some ideas for Thanksgiving decorations? Well look no more! Glitter gourds are an easy and inexpensive way to glam up your holiday table this year!

Thanksgiving Decorations Glitter Gourds

This year Thanksgiving will be enjoyed around my table and I’ve been flitting about getting my home in order. I delight in setting a table for a special occasion. Putting Thanksgiving decorations together always makes me slow down and take a trip down memory lane. Gathering beloved dishes and linens, deciding on what items will make an appearance on the table that year and putting place cards together reminds me of what the holidays are all about.

Thanksgiving Decorations Glitter Gourds

Pumpkins and gourds always seem to find their way into my Thanksgiving decorations. I begin collecting them before Halloween and justify my obsession by knowing that they will last through November. This year I decided to dust my gourds with glitter to give my usual traditional centerpiece a glamorous effect.

Thanksgiving Decorations Glitter Gourds

And I must say that I am quite smitten with the outcome! The gourds sparkle and twinkle as if a magic frost encrusted them one Autumn evening. And who doesn’t like a little magic? The good news is, they’re easy as can be to make. I just painted some Mod Podge® onto the gourds, (some I completely covered and some just have a tinge around the top) then I sprinkled them with some opalescent glitter and let them dry.

Thanksgiving Decorations Glitter Gourds

I arranged them on my table, tucked a few votive candles here and there (the glitter gourds look gorgeous by candlelight) and then moved onto my other Thanksgiving decorations. I’ll be sharing those ideas with you very soon!

Supplies for the glitter gourds :

  • Gourds (you can usually find them in an assorted bag at your grocery store)
  • Mod Podge (any craft store should have this, you could use a craft glue that dries clear instead)
  • Opalescent glitter
  • sponge paint brush

Glittering tip :: I like to use 2 flimsy paper plates when glittering. I dust the gourds over one plate, shake off excess, and then use that extra glitter to pour (with the paper plate folded to guide glitter) over the next gourd sitting on the 2nd plate and keep repeating.

Thanksgiving Decorations Glitter Gourds

And that’s all there is to making some inexpensive yet glamorous Thanksgiving decorations that will enchant your guests as they gather around your table.

Now go get your glitter on!

Wishing you a magical Thanksgiving,


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Halloween Decorations :: The Foyer

Greet all of you Autumn guests with some festive Halloween decorations in your foyer. Nothing sets the tone of your home like that first warm inviting step.

Halloween DecorationsThe Foyer

Halloween decorations have always been a favorite of mine ever since I was a little girl. I can still vividly remember those first crisp autumn days when my mom would pull out all of the folding paper pumpkins (the kind that opened up into a little orb of tissue honeycomb), do you remember those? I would help her fan them open and tuck back the little silver clip that held the pumpkin shape in place. Oh how I loved traipsing around behind her as she placed them about the house. My love of decorating with pumpkins must have started there, with those sweet little folding tissue pumpkins. But as the years have passed, I have traded my paper pumpkins in for real ones and I always smile and think of my mom as I place them about my house.

This year as I placed my  beloved cinderella pumpkin in my foyer I decided to add a few other embellishments to make my Halloween scene complete.

Halloween Decorations The Foyer

I just leaned a simple tree branch (that I found in my yard) against the wall and wove some store bought spider webbing through the branches.

Halloween Decorations The Foyer

Tucked in a few plastic spiders and hung up a couple of black ribbon bats.


The black ribbon bats are cinch to make! Just cut a piece of ribbon, tie a clear piece of craft string tightly around the center into a knot. Fold the ribbon in half and cut a few notches along the bottom edge of the ribbon to shape the wings.

Halloween Decorations The Foyer

Voila!  You’ve got a bat!

Invite guests into your home with a festive foyer this Halloween!

Halloween Decorations The Foyer

It’s a s easy as can be!

Supplies for Halloween Decorations in your foyer :

  • pumpkin (real or artifical)
  • tree branch
  • store bought spider web and plastic spiders
  • 3 inch wide black ribbon
  • clear craft string


Happy Decorating!


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Adorable Edible Easter Egg Tree

Adorable edible Easter egg tree. Say that three times fast.

Or not…

Easter is less than a week away…are you ready?

Me either.

I’m still hopping around tying up loose ends and trying to get all of my eggs in one basket. HA! Couldn’t resist. This year in preparation of the holiday, I’ve made an edible Easter egg tree adorned with delicious white chocolate eggs! It was so fun and easy and can be used as a festive decoration in or as a center piece for your Easter table.

Here’s the scoop on what to do…

Just gather some pretty pastel candy melts.

An egg shaped plastic candy making tray.

And some thin ribbon that matches the pastel color candy melts. All of these items are very affordable and can be found in your local craft store.

Melt the candy melts in the microwave.

Grab a small spoon for each color and give a good stir to make sure that the chocolate is lump free and smooth.

Next use the little spoons to fill the plastic tray with the melted chocolate. Try as best you can to fill the egg shapes evenly and don’t fill too much.

Once the tray is full, give it a good, tap, tap, tap, by picking up a corner a dropping it on the counter. This will get rid of all air bubbles that may be lurking about.

We don’t want air bubbles…we want smooth Easter-eggish-eggs.

Once your tray is filled and tap, tap, tapped, pop it in the freezer (laying flat) for five minutes. The freezer sets the melted chocolate beautifully and gives the finished product a nice shine.

After five minutes, take the tray out of the freezer and turn it up-side-down.

The eggs should pop out easily, if they don’t just put them back in freezer for a few more minutes and try again.

Next, cut your ribbon into two inch strips. These will become the loops from which the darling little eggs will hang.

Now the fun begins. Warm up your candy melts (I’m guessing that by now they’ve gotten cold and hard like mine did) and grab some paint brushes.

Paint the flat sides of the egg with an even layer of chocolate and put the satin ribbon, shaped as a loop, at the top of the egg. I failed to get a photo of the ribbon so use your imagination.

Press the whole thing together and gently hold for a few seconds until the chocolate dries. Don’t hold too long or you will melt the chocolate with your finger tips.

Note: I found it easier to make the ribbons into loops and glue ends together with chocolate before I put them in the eggs.

Isn’t that sweet?

In my minds eye, I saw a cute little tree with solid eggs but then I started playing around with easy little embellishments.

Like polka dots. I LOVE polka dots!

And then some stripes. So cute dontcha think? You can make the little eggs as fancy or simple as you wish.

I made a few extra eggs that could be used as place cards by painting the initial of each guest on the egg. Just tuck them in a little nest. How cute would that be?

Wishing you a Hippity Hoppity Easter filled with love & laughter and some sweet little treats!


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The Great Pumpkin

Today, in honor of it being the first day of October, (which happens to be my Daddy’s birthday, Happy Birthday Daddy!) I am honoring the glorious pumpkin.

I love pumpkins. I love decorating with pumpkins. I love growing pumpkins, except for the fact that they take over my entire yard. I love carving pumpkins. I love eating the roasted seeds of pumpkins. I love the many variations of pumpkins.

From the very moment that pumpkins hit the market I am in search of the *perfect* pumpkin, or in my case, pumpkins. There are so many fantastic and unusual shapes, colors and sizes to choose from that I can’t possibly be expected to choose just one. Right? One must take into consideration the stem, the color, how the two compliment one another, the texture and generally the all-around personality of the pumpkin. It’s serious business folks. And I take my pumpkin hunting very seriously.

I mean would you just take a look at this darling little tiger pumpkin?

Have you ever seen anything so dear?

Would you look at how precious they look marching along in a row of three?

Now take this Cinderella pumpkin. I know, I know, the name is perfect.

Can’t you just imagine it turning into the magical coach that is drawn by white horses on the way to ball? And the color is magnificent isn’t it?

Speaking of white, look at THIS fantastical specimen. Doesn’t it just scream Halloween? And the stem…stop it. It’s down right ornery isn’t it?

Talk about personality.

The stem just says it all…

This is my kind of pumpkin.

I could play around with pumpkins all day long. And don’t be fooled, I have. You should too for that matter! Hope you stick around because I’m planning on showing you just how to “Deck Your Halls For Fall” next week. And guess what? Pumpkins are a crucial yet affordable component of doing just that!

Look how fun they look together!

If you’re out and about this weekend, I encourage you to find some delightful little pumpkins to adorn your home with! You’ll be glad you did!

Happy Hunting!