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Simple & Sweet Farmer’s Market Treat!

I just adore my local Farmer’s Market! There is nothing more satisfying than waking up on a Saturday morning, rolling out of bed, grabbing a cup of coffee, my favorite straw bag and heading out to a Farmer’s Market! I love strolling up and down the white tent lined streets, admiring the many fresh just-picked-from-the-garden-fruits and vegetables… and the flowers! Be still my heart. Just being surrounded by such beauty and color tantalizes all of my senses and inspires me to come up with new fun ways to prepare simple, delicious, wholesome food.

I know what you’re probably thinking…

why am I talking about fresh fruits and veggies while showing photos of jam? Right?

Well just so you know, I did buy some fabulous veggies while enjoying my first Farmer’s Market trip of the season! I will be sharing those recipes with you in the days to come and will feature weekly recipes that will be inspired by my Farmer’s Market endeavors. For now, I thought it best to ease you into the Farmer’s Market experience with something as simple and delicious as it is easy. So for now, it’s all about the jam.

Jam… sweet, sweet jammie jam.

While I was strolling along amongst the fruits and veggies, I noticed out of the corner of my eye, a darling tent filled with vibrant colors and sweet little precious  jars of jam. It was so full of cheer and happy chatter that I found myself eager to join in the fun by grabbing a spoon and sampling the sweet jam nestled in these cute little jars…

I could have stood there forever, happy as a little lark, licking spoons full of jam all afternoon.

Then I realized that people would stare, and start to talk about the lady licking spoons full of jam, so I decided against it.

But talk about a party in your mouth!

Oh MY!

And it’s made of fruit so it HAS to be good for you, right? Well at least I think so.

After sampling a few more jams, I decided that I just couldn’t live without the Hot Pepper Strawberry jam. It had the perfect balance of sweet meets spicy and I instantly new what I wanted to prepare.

I headed for home, straw bag in tow, eager to treat my family to the sweet, spicy goodness that I had just fallen in love with. And boy let me tell you, I had no clue what a hit it would be.

If I had known, I’d have bought a case of the sweet & spicy stuff!

So here we go…

And these are the three ingredients folks…homemade hot pepper strawberry jam, a brick of cream cheese and some of your favorite crackers (I prefer whole grain crackers myself) and…

but of course… a spoon!

Grab the main ingredient….Hot Pepper Strawberry jam (just typing those words makes me start to drool).

As you can see, I prefer to empty the jar into a separate bowl for extra dollops of the good stuff.

Go ahead and enjoy a few spoonfuls, but I’ll caution you that once you start it’s hard to stop. You may just want to buy two jars, one for tasting and the other for this yummy snack/ delightful appetizer.

It’s just a thought.

Now with your spoon just slather enough jam to cover the top of the cream cheese and allow a few artistic dribbles to cascade down the sides.

But make sure not to use the spoon that you’ve been sampling with.

It just doesn’t get any simpler than this does it?

Next grab a cracker, dip it into the cream cheese slathered with sweet, spicy hot pepper strawberry jam…

now close your eyes…and enjoy the oooey gooey sweet and spicy flavors mixed with the cool cream cheese and salty crunch of the cracker.

Don’t be surprised when you hear an involuntary “mmmmmm” come humming out of the corners of your mouth, which can get kinda messy with cracker crumbs and all.

And remember that a simple, sweet Farmer’s Market treat is only a jar of jam away!

Or an empty jar of jam that is…boo hoo!


(and don’t forget to lick the spoon)


Do you enjoy your local Farmer’s Market? What’s your favorite Farmer’s Market food find? Please share below!

Decorate Home Accents

Meet My Foyer

Meet my foyer…

and the ever popular “shoe basket.”

The shoe basket was born out of sheer frustration that comes with four people in one house, plus two feet on every person which equals eight pairs of shoes (wow, that was kinda mathematical and I don’t even like math!). Better yet, make that six pairs of shoes because mine are always on my feet, or where they belong.

What a concept.

Where they belong.

I don’t know about you but clutter (and shoes) drives me nutto! I am the perpetual picker-upper in my house and I get tired of picking up shoes all the-live-long-day. I mean I’ve got MANY other glamorous things to do to keep a house up and running like…

cleaning and shopping…

and cleaning…

and cooking…

and laundry.

Did I mention cleaning?

Oh, heavens.

Anyway, I decided being the clever girl that I am, that I would make MY job easier by helping my hooligans, help me.

Makes sense doesn’t it?

I found this lovely little antique basket that would serve as a “catch all” if you will, for all of those two feet on every person shoes that I trip over all the time. I purposely placed it in the most obvious, convenient spot that I could think of. Both doors that enter into our little humble abode are within two steps of the “infamous shoe basket.” Easy enough, don’t ya think?

Doesn’t the basket just look all eager and willing to have and to hold all of my darlings’ shoes?

Maybe not as eager and willing as I thought it looked. The crew comes home in all their glory…

with their back packs –

and shoes…

…that they just DROP all over my beautiful, tidy, used to be nothing to trip over foyer.

My perfect foyer is now but a memory.

The day started out with such hope and promise. I even picked these beautiful flowers…

…FROM MY NEIGHBOR’S YARD (is that wrong?). Yeah, it’s o.k. The house is empty, the son is taking care of it for now AND he was actually thinking of chopping the bush down until I stopped the nonsense. Don’t worry, I’ll tell him about the flowers and it will be fine.

But do you know what really gets me?… that EVERY. Single. Solitary. Soul in my house noticed the flowers and inquired about where they came from…

…but the shoe basket?

Well, you do the math.


Please leave me a comment below! -I’d LOVE to know if you have a clutter (or shoe) story that you’d like to share!