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MacKenzie-Childs {$500 Giveaway}


 MacKenzie-Childs is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year and I am so excited to be hosting a giveaway from them today! One lucky winner will receive a $500 gift card from MacKenzie-Childs!!

They have so many swoon-worthy items to pick from! Everything from exquisite kitchen accessories to fun and whimsical garden items! 


I happened to fall head-over-heels in love with their black and white courtly check enamelware,


as well as all of the lovely Laguiole flatware and servingware! 

Aren’t those spreaders beyond gorgeous and elegant?! 


Just look at those sweet little bees on each and every knife. Such attention to detail. 

Wait until you see the Flower Market enamelware pitcher. 


I can’t take my hands off of it! (I’m not kidding) It has the most beautiful shape and smooth surface. And with outdoor entertaining season upon us I am just tickled to have all of this enchanting enamelware to use.

Of course it isn’t only for outside entertaining! It adorns any table with a stunning statement.


 I love to mix the check print with the floral print. So charming with a casual elegance don’t you think?

 And the serving platters are fabulous! While the round serving platter makes a perfect cheese plate, I like to use the oval one to serve the main course as it comes hot off the grill or sometimes I even use it to serve the drinks! 


MacKenzie-Childs makes entertaining a breeze! 


***We have a WINNER!!!!!***

Thanks to everyone who joined in on all the fun for this fantastic giveaway from MacKenzie-Childs!! There has been one randomly selected winner!!

*Drum roll please*

CONGRATULATIONS to Sue who said…

Love Love Love McKenzie Childs! Hello To Summer!” 

Sue, I will be contacting you via email to give you all of the MacKenzie-Childs $500 gift card  giveaway information! 


***Giveaway is now CLOSED*** 

How to Enter the $500 MacKenzie-Childs Giveaway: 

*Just leave me a comment below about your favorite summer entertaining tip or just say *hello*.

*The giveaway starts today, Monday April 29, 2013 and ends Wednesday May 1, 2013 at midnight EST

*One winner will be randomly chosen and notified via email sometime Thursday.

Good Luck!


Disclaimer:: (I would like to thank the kind folks at MacKenzie-Childs for providing me with a gift card to buy their product and for sponsoring the $500 giveaway! As always all photos, thoughts and opinions are my very own.)

Decorate Home Accents

Meet My Foyer

Meet my foyer…

and the ever popular “shoe basket.”

The shoe basket was born out of sheer frustration that comes with four people in one house, plus two feet on every person which equals eight pairs of shoes (wow, that was kinda mathematical and I don’t even like math!). Better yet, make that six pairs of shoes because mine are always on my feet, or where they belong.

What a concept.

Where they belong.

I don’t know about you but clutter (and shoes) drives me nutto! I am the perpetual picker-upper in my house and I get tired of picking up shoes all the-live-long-day. I mean I’ve got MANY other glamorous things to do to keep a house up and running like…

cleaning and shopping…

and cleaning…

and cooking…

and laundry.

Did I mention cleaning?

Oh, heavens.

Anyway, I decided being the clever girl that I am, that I would make MY job easier by helping my hooligans, help me.

Makes sense doesn’t it?

I found this lovely little antique basket that would serve as a “catch all” if you will, for all of those two feet on every person shoes that I trip over all the time. I purposely placed it in the most obvious, convenient spot that I could think of. Both doors that enter into our little humble abode are within two steps of the “infamous shoe basket.” Easy enough, don’t ya think?

Doesn’t the basket just look all eager and willing to have and to hold all of my darlings’ shoes?

Maybe not as eager and willing as I thought it looked. The crew comes home in all their glory…

with their back packs –

and shoes…

…that they just DROP all over my beautiful, tidy, used to be nothing to trip over foyer.

My perfect foyer is now but a memory.

The day started out with such hope and promise. I even picked these beautiful flowers…

…FROM MY NEIGHBOR’S YARD (is that wrong?). Yeah, it’s o.k. The house is empty, the son is taking care of it for now AND he was actually thinking of chopping the bush down until I stopped the nonsense. Don’t worry, I’ll tell him about the flowers and it will be fine.

But do you know what really gets me?… that EVERY. Single. Solitary. Soul in my house noticed the flowers and inquired about where they came from…

…but the shoe basket?

Well, you do the math.


Please leave me a comment below! -I’d LOVE to know if you have a clutter (or shoe) story that you’d like to share!