About Wenderly

Hi There! I’m Wenderly! Welcome to my little slice of life!

I’m so delighted that you stopped by!

I’m an always-on-the-go mom (never understood the term “stay-at- home-mom”) with an overly zealous passion for entertaining, decorating, cooking and basically anything creative! I have an Art History degree but never made it to Soho to run my own gallery, so instead, I’ve turned my own life into a constant parade of home makeover projects, daily cooking & baking endeavors (I’ve even been known to pretend that I have my own cooking show while making dinner a time or two) and I’m endlessly vignetting throughout my home, whether it be for a seasonal decoration, a holiday or friends and family for dinner.

The name “Wenderly” comes from the endearing combination of my first and middle name, Wendy Lee, that was very lovingly and emphatically used by my beloved mom whenever she meant business… as in “Wenderly come here RIGHT NOW!”,  or  “W-E-N-D-E-R-L-Y what ARE you doing?”, probably something very creative or very dramatic or both.

Funny how the name stuck.

And I love it and the story behind it.

Had my own business designing and making handmade greeting cards which really helped satiate my creative appetite. But… after 8 years, I got burned out and decided to throw in my hat which, of course, only led to more creative/cooking & makeover projects!

Somebody help me!

I adore coffee…Starbucks coffee to be exact. I have one in my hand at ALL times.

I mean The Statue of Liberty has her torch…

Venus has her shell…

Joan of Arc has her sword…

I have my Starbucks…in hand..every day.

It could be worse.

Since I’m sharing all of my darkest secrets with you, I may just as well share them all.

Sooooo, here it goes.

Until a year ago, I didn’t really know how to use the computer.


Now before you fall off your chair in shock let me explain.

I’m married to a wonderfully, smart and talented, darling man, I shall call him “My Yanni”…he’s deliciously Greek in every way, so I thought it only appropriate to call him Yanni, “My Yanni”, instead of John, which is his name. Anyway, he is a computer/creative/design (even cooking & music) guru! So being the darling husband that he is, he would take care of all of that scary computer stuff for me. As in print out my emails and such. I was the one everyone hated on every committee that I was on because I “didn’t check email.” (I think back and cringe now) but until we got our family computer a year ago, I lived in the dark ages.- I still considered a “text” to refer to the book I carried in school!- So I crossed the “digital divide” and never turned back. I became a “professional facebooker” as I like to call it- constantly thinking in status updates, obsessing about which recipes or home projects to share.

Until one day My Yanni looked at me and said, “you need to start a blog.”

That decided it.

I’ve ALWAYS loved to share stories and while I’m at it, why not have others benefit from all of my crazy creative ideas, projects, recipes, shopping habits and trips to Starbucks!

I’ve been married to my best friend & soul mate for 16 (almost 17 years) which is beyond me how that has happened because I’m still only 30 (in my head) and in reality 40. O.k. 41. (and 1/2)

details, details….

but what really matters is how I feel inside my head, right!? And as long as I feel 30, I think that being in my 40’s is FABULOUS!

I have two lovely daughters that bring me joy and inspiration every single day.

Except when they feel snarky (which is of course few and far between). Or when I have to constantly nag them about picking up after themselves (which is also, of course ,very few and far between).

So without any further adieu, I’d like to introduce my little family to you.

My cast of characters are:

My Yanni: My husband, my soul mate

Sassafras: My tween daughter, my “I know”, my first born

Sweet Cheeks: My youngest daughter, my “it’s ok”, my baby

Oakley (Dokley): Our saved from the pound forever grateful dog

(Prince) Oliver: Our cat, he’s earned the name

And last but not least….

Bubbles: Sweet Cheeks’ Fish

So, I hope that you’ll join me on my journey, while I work to  “Perfect the Art of Living in Suburbia” one slice of life at a time!

Wendy Hondroulis aka Wenderly

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