About Wenderly

Wenderly is all about “savoring the art of living”.  It’s about taking the time to stop and notice the little things – to really savor that moment, morsel, or life’s beautiful snapshot.

Nothing makes my soul smile like making people feel something stir inside. Whether it comes from sharing a delicious recipe for your family to eat, decorating a tablescape for guests to enjoy, making a craft to embellish a mantel or stopping long enough to be inspired by the shape of a cloud, I love to help people find and relish in these little things in life. Not only do I love to inspire, I truly believe it is what God has called me to do

Before starting Wenderly “the blog” there was Wenderly the “handmade sentiments greeting card business”. But… after 8 years, I decided to throw in the towel. To satiate my creative appetite I turned more to cooking and makeover projects and started to share them on my newly discovered Facebook…until I ran out of room. My husband’s suggestion was to start a blog. The name “Wenderly” comes from the endearing combination of my first and middle name, Wendy Lee, that was very lovingly used by my beloved mom as I was growing up. Funny how the name stuck.

Wenderly is a place I hope you’ll come to and feel at home and then leave refreshed, and inspired.

Savor today. Every…single…delicious…moment of it.